AugustTIEBACKS very similar to tiedowns, can be installed in virtually any ground condition using rotary, percussion or down-the-hole hammer tooling. The critical design elements are the capacity (Kips), length of unbonded zone, corrosion protection (Class I or II or none), grout cover (usually 1/2"), and testing specs. If the project is a performance spec (meaning the contractor takes responsibility for the performance), the contractor will design those elements related to performance (i.e. bonding length, diameter and other variables). and provide a shop drawing. The common elements of a tieback is the unbond zone (a free stressing length),the bonded zone. Tiebacks have a central element, the tendons (either rod or strand), grout to bond the tendon to the soil or rock and an anchor head that bears upon a steel plate and transfers the load to a concrete washer, wall, beam etc. Tiebacks are all tested to some safety factor beoynd the Design Load. (see Post Tension Institute).

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