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San Pedro Fashion Mall in downtown Los Angeles expands with presold stores over a subterranean PARKING STRUCTURE. Photos courtesy of Ace Egineering

Drilling with a SoilMec 312HD through sand and cobbles

Underpinning a brick building directly adjoining the 30 foot deep parking structure. 

auger drill tooling for underpinnig piles

Typical auger drilling using bullet teeth in sand and cobble strata.

A Parking structure topped by Retail stores adjoins the existing San Pedro Fashion Mall in Downtown Los Angeles.  Ace Engineering and August Construction worked together to shore two story subterranean pit that would come to house the parking structure.  The shoring engineer was Burnett & Young.  All the fashion stores were presold by the owner during the construction, attesting to the success of stores with parking in the downtown area.

predrilling with continuous flight auger for beams with double row of tiebacks

shoring beams and double row of tiebacks support the excavation for parking structure

Completing the excavation 30 feet below street level with two rows of tiebacks

Starting shoring system using beams, tiebacks and wood lagging

double head drill for installing tieback tendons

Drilling with a Klemm double head using casing in caving sands and cobbles.