Sheet Piles

AugustSheet Piles are an effective method of shoring, while adding the extra benefit of controlling the migration of water. They are either driven by impact hammer, vibrated or pushed.

The most common method is to vibrate sheet piles. When the soil particles are mobilized the sheet piles can be inserted through the mobilized particles with minimal resistance. August uses high frequency vibration and variable moment vibrators to limit propagation of vibration to nearby structures. However, if no vibration is allowed, August can provide the push pull system for sheet pile installation.

The advantage of sheet piles (over beam and plate), is water control. Because sheet piles are inter-locking and are driven well beyond the excavation depth (providing a skirt), they may reduce or eliminate the flow of water inside a pit or trench. Sheet piles compete favorably with Beam & Plate, especially when excavations over 20 feet are required (8'x 20' plates are the largest practical limit for plate use; wood lagging beyond 20’ is then required).

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