Pits & Trenches


August Construction & Shoring, Inc. typically uses the Positive Shoring method for shoring walls, pits and trenches. While shields and hydraulic shores are for the most part highly cost-effective, they should not be confused with Shoring; they are simply used for the safety of workers down below and have little or nothing to do with “shoring” the ground. Positive shoring — via the use of beam & plate, sheet piles, or beam and lagging — relies on the vertical members (beams & sheet piles) to be installed prior to any excavation. Beams and Sheet piles provides support to the earth so that the ground is supported and not compromised prior to the trench or pit excavation. This is very important since the earth is under compression prior to digging. The vertical steel supports retain the dirt in its natural compressed stated, versus allowing it to dry out, uncompress and potentially fail.

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