AugustMICROPILES can replace conventional piles under most circumstances. They are especially economical where there is difficult ground conditions (caving, ravelling or rocky ground conditions), or where there is limited or difficult access or work space (inside buildings, low headroom and small work areas). Micropiles are defined as piles 12 inches or less in diameter. Like tiebacks and Tiedowns, micropiles generally use a center tendon or pipe for capacity and similar types of rotary and percussion drilling rigs.

Because micropiles can be constructed using smaller drilling rigs, and reduced micropile hole diameter, a wide variety of techniques can be employed more cost-effectively, which makes its use more attractive.

Type of rigs used for Micropiles:

  • Flight Auger
  • Tri-Cone
  • Percussion Rod
  • Down-The-Hole-Hammer
  • Casing with Auger
  • Hollow Grouting Drill String
  • Etc.

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